Argan Oil Review

The unique composition of the argan oil makes it a resource for dietetic and cosmetic usage. It is an excellent source of vitamin E (60mg/lOOg) and unsaturated fatty acids.More than 80% of Argan oil’s fatty acids are the unsaturated acids oleic (43%) and linoleic (36%).

  • Oleic fatty acid is a monounsaturated fatty actd that helps reduce blood levels of LDLs (“bad cholesterol”) and leaves HDLs (“good cholesterol”) unchanged.
  • Iinoleic acid IS a polyunsaturated fatty acid or essential fatty acid that cannot be synthetized from out body and thus has to be brought from outside.Polyunsaturated fats help lower the level of LDLs and therefore have often been recommended to reduce coronary heart disease.

Compared to many other seasoning oils, argan oil contains relatively high contents of squalene (31Omg/lOOg), which is suggested to be protective against skin cancer.It is believed that the sterols in Argan oil are relatively rare in their combination among the
vegetable oils, there are no other vegetable olls with a comparable composition:
the schottenol (48%), which exhibits an Anti-carcinogenic potential and spinasterol (40%) that is likely to have Anti-tumongenic and Anti-cholesterol effects.

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